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Man Jailed 15 Years for Shooting Dead Parents, 4 family members



A man was on Friday jailed 15 years after he admitted shooting dead his mother, father, two half-siblings, uncle and aunt at a family gathering in January. The 27-year-old man is to serve part of his sentence in a psychiatric hospital.

During the trial, the man reportedly said he had been planning the attack for some time, having joined a marksmen’s club and legally obtained a gun prior to the crime.

He said he acted out of hatred towards his mother, whom he claimed had tried to poison him with female hormones. “I’m sorry. I regret what I did,” the man told the court before his verdict was read out.

Prosecutors and co-plaintiffs had called for the full 15-year sentence for the crime, as the public prosecutor’s office spoke of the man’s “limited ability to control” his actions, whereas the co-plaintiffs considered him fully culpable.

However, the court in the southern town of Ellwangen, Germany, convicted the man on six counts of murder and two of attempted murder, after hearing how another aunt and uncle survived the bloodbath with serious injuries.

The defence pushed for a 13-year custodial sentence and accommodation in a psychiatric hospital for the crime, which took place on January 24 in the town of Rot am See in the south-western state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Agency reports said the convict whose identity was not disclosed, was said to have shot 30 bullets, killing his family members with headshots in the man’s father’s apartment block, in which he also lived. The family had met for a funeral there.



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