Lagos State Sector Command, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), has arrested and impounded 531 trucks for operating below Road Transport Safety Standards Scheme (RTSSS) between August and September 16.
The Corps Commander, Lagos State Sector Command, Mr Olusegun Ogunbemide, said this after engaging in sensitisation and operation ‘show your strength’ held between Cele Mile 2 axis of Lagos on Wednesday.
Ogunbemide said the Lagos sector of the corps arrested and impounded 531 trucks for operating below (RTSSS), adding that they would ensure they give reasonable reasons for their offences before being released.
He mentioned some of the RTSSS such as speed devise, vehicle documents, standards tyres, locking of containers and driver licences were committed by the 531 truck drivers.
He explained the outing was part of their preparedness towards peak of the year, which is the ember months, where there would be hazards and increase in vehicular movement.
The sector Commander stressed the need to sensitise the truck drivers, especially the articulated vehicle drivers, while the outing showcased corps capability and capacities to curtail the excesses of the truck drivers.
“We want the truckers to have change of heart, to be aware that we are set and ready to protect the motorists. While the parade show was ongoing, I was in a meeting with the management of the Nigerian Ports Authority on the continuation of our collaboration in line with keeping the road free for motorists. We want the truckers and drivers to know that we are ready to match the excesses of reckless drivers on the highway. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of crashes in the country nosedived because of the free road, remember that truckers were allowed to move free due to their essentials service delivery”.
He, however, urged drivers who were not able to meet up with RTSSS requirements to stop plying Nigerian roads, adding that officers were ready to match them if they refuse to comply.
During inspection to Mile Tin-can Route, the Head of Operations, FRSC Lagos, Mr Cyril Matthew, ran into a 30-year-old Truck driver, Ifeanyi Arinze, who was driving 40ft container truck with fake driver license.
Matthew seized the fake license and told him to obtain original before moving on the road again.
He, however, handed over, the driver to officers on Mile 2 axis to ensure he obtained genuine drivers’ license before plying the road.
Arinze, who works with The Lord is my Strength Company, pleaded guilty, adding that he intended to process original license from Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA), after achieving his first trip to the Eastern part of country.