Nigeria @ 60: Youth Organisation Clamours for Restructuring  

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A Non-Governmental Organisation, Indomitable Youth Organisation (IYO) has called for restructuring of the country as Nigerians celebrate 60 years of independence.

Dr Bright Oniovokukor, Project Director, IYO, made the call in Benin on Thursday.

Oniovokukor said restructuring would have a proactive effect of positioning Nigeria for real development.

“People have been clamouring for restructuring because what we have now is deviation from what we’re supposed to have after independence. If Nigeria is truly blessed with abundant natural resources, we can only harness them if we give room for various states and regions to explore what they have as means of survival. If 200 million people are focusing on the centre for attention, this calls for true federalism and resource control; we can stop this mono economy style depending on crude oil alone”.

Reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2020 Independence speech, Oniovokukor, said the price of crude oil should reflect the present economic realities.

“In Nigeria, you will buy fuel for your vehicle, generator (at home and business), while in those countries the president mentioned, they may just be buying fuel for their vehicle only. There is a commensurate economic value unlike here in Nigeria, where you can burn all your fuel on avoidable traffic due to bad roads”.

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