Home News Post COVID-19 Survival: Nigerian-Born UK Don Calls for Ministry of Implementation

Post COVID-19 Survival: Nigerian-Born UK Don Calls for Ministry of Implementation



A Nigerian – born academic from Coventry University, UK, Dr. Alim Abubakre has called for establishment of a Ministry of Implementation as an economic survival strategy for post COVID-19 period in the country.

Abubakre says since implementation of policies and programmes seems to be a major problem in the country, the empowered Minister must among other functions, work with the private sector to prioritise critical long term national goals and set clear milestones to achieve them.

In a press statement in Abuja on Thursday to commemorate the country’s 60th independence anniversary, Abubakre advised the celebration should be a little different from previous ones.

“Instead of the commemoration being a cause for celebration, it should be a period for a re-evaluation of strategies for success beyond the pandemic. With the nation experiencing problems of high level of insecurity, low national cohesion, dramatic forex fluctuations, negative growth, dwindling government and business revenue, low morale of staff and the citizens, and diminishing productivity, this is a time for sober reflection. Leaders need to re-examine their underlying assumptions, core beliefs, and knowledge with the intent of developing strategies for mitigating the impact of COVID -19. Most importantly, it should focus on driving inclusive growth for the nation anchored by a vibrant and thriving private sector. So, the trillion naira question for the CEOs and other decision makers is, how do I succeed in these challenging times for national prosperity”.

Abubakre suggests that business operators should develop a sense of urgency and encourage a culture of creativity and innovation, saying time is a resource that no one should waste, at least, during the time of COVID-19.

“Be strategic. In the short term, focus on survival, but remember to be strategic for achieving the long-term goal. Rejig risk management credentials, business resilience. Amidst the COVID – 19 pandemic, one thing has come out clearly. Many businesses are fragile and unable to manage risk effectively. This is certainly a wakeup call for investment in business resilience. The focus should be on people, processes, operations, and how to respond to different scenarios. Explore how to be different. Everyone wants to survive and thrive where possible. So, while the pandemic has changed the business environment, competition remains stiff and could even be fiercer now. To survive, learn how to be different in this present competitive landscape and how to out-perform rivals. New product development and new ways of reaching customers can help you have a competitive edge over your rivals”.

Abubakre is a British based entrepreneur with an unparalleled passion for Africa, academic, and director with active links and engagement with Africa.

He is on the advisory board of the London Business School Africa Society, lectures in Coventry, a top 15 UK university and founded TEXEM, UK a consultancy firm ten years ago, which has trained over 4,000 executives in the UK and Africa.



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