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NGO Unfolds N80m Humanity Development Projects for Host Community


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Non Governmental Organisation, the Rotary Club of Ekpan, says it plans to spend about N80 million on its humanity development projects in its host community.
Mr Akpodiogaga Emeyese disclosed this on Saturday in Ekpan, near Warri, shortly after his installation as the 22 President of the club for the 2020/2021 rotary year.
Emeyese explained that about N56 million would be used by the club for the purchase of land for the Ekpan rotary centre as well as the building of the infrastructure.
He said N5 million would be expended on the club’s back-to-school project for 1,000 students, while a further N5 million would be expended to enhance the existing micro credit scheme of the club.
He also said N10 million had been budgeted for the construction of an Ante-Natal building for the Ekpan General hospital, while N4 million would be spent on youth and women empowerment.
The president said rotary focused on anything that could improve the overall well-being of humanity and increase or make positive impact in the society.
He said it also welcomed support and donations from fellow rotarians, friends and well wishers toward achieving the listed projects.
He added that the projects would open opportunities to all in the society.
He noted that the club began its 2020/2021 rotary year with a tree planting project in July, in line with its seventh area of focus of rotary, which is supporting the environment.
He added that the year’s activities incorporated skills acquisition in line with rotary’s sixth area of focus, which is economic and community development.
He also said in August, the club organised free health services in line with rotary’s second area of focus, which is disease prevention and treatment.
He further said the club in the fight against COVID-19 in September donated customised face masks, sanitisers, and drugs in line with rotary focus on disease control, water and sanitation and promotion of rotary’s public image.
Emeyese said the club had since 1999 made several positive impacts in the host community through its service to humanity.
Earlier the immediate past president of the club, Mr Stephen Olubo, said the club achieved a lot in the 2019/2020 rotary year, adding that among the achievements was the purchase and installation of a mamogramy machine at the Ekpan General Hospital.
A 14-man board of the club for the rotary year was also inaugurated.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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