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Chief Decries Hijack of Agricultural Program in Benue State


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A prominent Makurdi-based Farmer, Chief Gbande Bebe has expressed displeasure over the lopsided policies of the Federal and state government on agriculture policies in the country.

Chief Bebe who is a rice farmer, made this known during a Sunday interview with Scudnews, where he disapproved of both the Federal and state government being unable to affect genuine farmers in terms of provisions of agricultural input.

He expressed dissatisfaction at the shoddy way those handling allotment of implements for farmers particularly in Benue State, were going about it.

“Since I have been into farming spanning over 30 years nobody has ever given me a dime or  incentive or loan as a booster towards stimulating me to do more”.

Chief Bebe noted with sadness that politicians had equally hijacked agricultural based programmes meant for the benefit of Nigerian farmers.

He therefore applauded the magnanimity behind the enthronement of such policy,describing it as wonderful innovation but that it lacked the impetus to reach its target.

According to him “initiative of the Federal government to provide agricultural credit support schemes for Nigerian farmers is one of the most formidable policies, the irony is that legitimate farmers are denied the opportunity. Frankly speaking, the rationale behind the objective is faulty even in the first instance, noting that most of these  big time farmers are not educated,  how can they withstand the rigour of applying for the loans especially at rural areas where banks are not available?. Owing to this, middle men are having a field day at the expense of indigenous farmers  as politicians and bankers allegedly collaborate to divert funds meant to expand their farm produce”

Bebe called for involvement of community leaders whereby they could easily identify farmers within their Communities and subsequently give them whatever grants or loans that are meant for them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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