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Ebonyi Faces Major Challenge in Fight Against Rabies




The Ebonyi Animal-Mediated Rabies Control Programme (EBARAP) Committee has called for support from governments, public and private organisations to enable it effectively manage and prevent spread of rabies.

The organisation’s Chairman, Dr Nwenyi Okoro, in Abakaliki on Friday said the committee had dewormed about 120 dogs last year in an effort to raise rabies awareness among residents.

Okoro said the Ebonyi Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, through the Veterinary Services Department, initiated the programme to control animal-mediated rabies.

“During our World Rabies Week in 2020, we recorded a huge success in mobiliising dogs for mass deworming. Though we did not do rabies campaign, we did mass deworming to raise consciousness about rabies among the residents. Our major challenge are support and facilities. A lot of activities we carried out were sponsored by members of the committee. We need refrigerators, backup power generating sets for the zones, and a central cool chain system for state,” he said.

The veterinary doctor said the committee had been able to create structures and links with communities for easier communication and sensitisation.

He said the COVID-19 pandemic stopped activities that would had been carried out in 2020 and appealed for provision of adequate cool chain facilities for storing vaccines.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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