Valentine: keep Tabs on Your Children -CAN

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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman, Oyo State, Apostle Joshua Akinyemiju, has urged parents to keep an eye on their children to ensure they did not celebrate Valentine’s Day out of context.

Akinyemiju gave the advice while speaking on Saturday, in Ibadan.

“Parents should talk love and show love to their children, they should let their children know that Jesus Christ is the foundation of love, having been sacrificed on the altar of love for our salvation. This love of Christ should be replicated in every way possible among ourselves. Valentine’s Day is about love, it’s about showing love, appreciating love and reciprocating love, it is a day that everyone should be involved and see reason why we should be our brothers’ keepers,” he said.

The apostle urged church leaders to use the opportunity given by Valentine’s Day Sunday to preach about love on Sunday.

He stressed that the art of loving one another should be emphasised and demonstrated.

“A Christian cannot claim to love God when he or she hates his or her fellow human being. It should be a day of reconciliation among couples, brothers, sisters and others. It should be taken as a day to appreciate the love of God for man and chart a new course of reciprocating the love,” he said.

Akinyemiju also enjoined youths to appreciate God’s gifts of contentment, hope and fulfilment rather than going contrary to God’s will in the name of celebrating Val.

“These are the gifts that Jesus Christ died to purchase for us. The celebration of the day should not be limited to wining and dining, everyone should be able to assess him/herself in relation to neighbours, loved ones etc and make amends where necessary. We should all note that whatever we think we are, without love, we are nothing before God.

“With love, there won’t be kidnapping, armed robbery, banditry and social vices in our society. Many among us have decided to love something else other than human beings, love doesn’t know religion, ethnicity or class, so we all must examine ourselves and imbibe the Spirit of love. May God help us to reciprocate His love for us by loving one another in Jesus name,” he said.

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